Welcome, This here is a little site I threw together in 2003. It’s a collection of my memories of my time in the late 80’s at Mostyn House School in Parkgate. Some good mates and one or two other former Mostyn pupils have helped give this site some meat in the form of their own contributions, and much thanks goes out to them.

I appreciate the constant inflow of requests and will try the very best to keep the meets going. Also it is worth mentioning that we should thank our teachers whenever possible, because its a lot to do with their efforts that we are what we are!

Some of us are doing jobs, some doing business, some have startups with aim of expanding to well beyond our own shores. Lets give each one of us a well needed pat on the back and hope that we all achieve our dreams, work hard, strive harder!

The flow of new material has dried up like the Dee at Parkgate front and while my interest in filling out the site hasn’t waned, I’ve hit the proverbial brick wall in receiving new material and that’s a damn shame. I pestered as many peeps as I could to contribute with very little result, lots of promises, but that’s all. No big deal. Anyway, the site is not going anywhere and i am relaxing for now beating the summer in my bedroom which is cooled with a split Air Conditioner.

Some of us really appreciate the help received at Vellore college of education in India during our cultural exchange programme.

Until then, Ciao